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About Us


We are a local fellowship pastored by Alton (Sr.) and Sabrina Jenkins.  An independent fellowship, Life Changers Fellowship is not without oversight and accountability, as we believe that every ministry is only as strong as the integrity and character of its leaders.  Thus, we have local oversight of apostles and participate with other ministries to gain/maintain strength.  (Hebrews 10:24-25)

Started in September 2006, LCF is continuing to grow because of the teaching of the Word of God.  We expect to see the lives of LCF members change and the promises of God manifested as the Word of God is taught and the members apply it in their daily lives.  We expect to see results because Jesus had results and He said, "greater works" shall be done by those who believe on Him.  (John 14:11-13)

We welcome you to join us for any of our services.  We believe that your life will be changed by the living Word of God!

Partners in Life, Love, and Ministry

Alton and Sabrina Jenkins are partners in life, love, and ministry.  Now married for more than 40 years and the parents of five children, they know what it means to be and have a true partner. 

Answering the call to ministry is part of a journey that began many years ago when as a young married couple and parents, they exhibited hospitality to anyone in need.  Their home was always open to provide a meal, pray with someone, or host family gatherings.  This "being given to hospitality" helps them in ministry today--allowing them to exhibit their partnership as they do the work of God's Kingdom.

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